Wk 9 — Art Activity — Choice Part 2


Fav memory from January is when my besties and I went out to dinner for my birthday and after dinner we just did some shopping around. (I’m the one taking the pic lol)


Fav Febuary memory is when my whole group of freinds went ice skating but only us 3 from the group didn’t know how to ice skate so we gave up and just stayed in the restroom because it was cold. Also I fell a few times and had bruises for like two weeks, very memorable.


Wow for March this memory isn’t my favorite but definetly memorable. March 13th was the last day I ever attended the campus of my highschool. I had no clue. I thought it was just going to be two weeks. Due to COVID schools and everything were shut down. Two weeks we were supposed to go on break turned now into 7 long months. This the only video I took that day and it was in my English class with one of my bestfriends Oscar. Glad I took it so I can keep it as a sappy memory.


April was supposed to be the month where I lived my best life. April 24th was supposed to be my prom. I tried to make the best out of this quarantine situation by going to my backyard and taking pictures in my dress. I’m not sad because I didnt get to expirence prom because I know it was cancelled for my saftey It just bums me out till this day that I wont have anywhere to wear this beautiful dress. It’s just going to get thrown into the garage till idk when. It shines so pretty in the sun (the shine isn’t edited this is a live picture lol)


Fav memory of May is when my friend Oscar and I just needed an escape from our everyday routine and planned a spontaneous trip to the beach. We just got food, drove around blasting our favorite songs, went to the beach and talked about life. Believe it not it was very relaxing. It’s the most fun we could have during these quarantine times. The song we were singing in this video is called pursuit of happiness by kid cud 10/10 recommend.


June is definetly the month I made the most memorable memories. Lets start off with first I graduated from highschool. I’m onto a new chapter in my life. This is more of a story I’m going to tell when I’m 30 at a bar conversating with freinds and reminiscing back to our teenage years. So the day after we graduated one of my frineds had just got her license so to celebrate graduation we wanted to be out and about. God had other plans for us. My friend that was driving us hits a car and runs away. Yes you heard that right she did a hit and run with all of us in the car. Was it a bad idea? Yea. Did we think it was a good idea in the moment? Yea we thought it was brilliant. We got caught but luckily nothing happened but some insurance exchanging.


July 1st was the first day of my first ever job. It was very challenging at first because I never thought I’d have to deal with the craziness of customers fighting over a damn taco. Now going to work is a breeze I look foward to it, its more of a distarction for me. The girl with the headset is one of my besties so this job was already going to be fun. But in such a short amount of time I have met some of the most amazing people ever, they’ve became very close friends, almost like a family.


August was an eventful month I was just getting acostumized to working and then I started college. I didnt know what to expect. A week before school started my friends and I had a small gathering (while being safe of course) just so we could all be together one last time like we used to in school before we all parted our diffrent ways. Some freinds comitted to other schools, some decided to work, some took a gap year, and some just decided to live it up and party. Regardless I'm happy for everyone!


My favorite memory for September has to be when my friends and I went out just to explore places around us. They knew how stressed I was with midterms and all the assignments I had to get done so they invited me out to relieve the stress. We found a really cute place to watch the sunset in Palos verdes and some new food spots. Ended the last night with blasting our favorite songs and my friend sleeping in the back seat lol.


My favorite memory for October is definetly filling out my ballot. What made me even happier is that my hispanic dad who is never into politics, hasn’t voted since sometime in the 90’s finally decided to vote on his own. I’m hoping for the best for this election because we CANNOT have this facist as president again. Hopefully everyone votes :)

November & December: ?

November & December are still a mystery but I hope it’s nothing but good health, good vibes, and beautiful memories. ❤